Online Course Readiness Quiz

Select a response to the following questions, after you have responded to all the questions, click the submit button to find out if a distance learning course is right for you.

1. My need to take this course now is:

2. Feeling that I am part of a class is:

3. I would classify myself as someone who:

4. The amount of time I have to work on a distance-learning course is:

5. Coming to campus on a regular schedule is:

6. As a reader, I would classify myself as:

7. When I need help understanding the assignment:

8. I would classify myself as someone who:

9. I expect to spend ____of study time each week per course:

10. I am taking this class because I believe it will be:

11. The idea of being able to work/study at my own pace:

12. I am taking this class because:

13. I communicate most effectively:

14. Classroom discussion is:

15. I have an E-mail account and read and/or send messages:

16. I need faculty comments on my assignments:

17. The operating system that I will be using in this course is:

18. I have access to a computer with an Internet connection for a minimum of three hours per day: