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Mandated Reporter Status of All Employees

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Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status

You have been asked to come to this web page to acknowledge your status as a Mandated Reporter under a revised Illinois statute.

By entering your secure login below and clicking the "Yes" box and "Complete Your Acknowledgement" button found at the bottom of the Acknowledgement, you will provide an electronic signature indicating that you have been made aware of all employees’ requirements under the law. Upon successful completion, your acknowledgement will be available to City Colleges of Chicago Human Resources.

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Users With Login Issues: If you are having login issues and are unable to access the Mandated Reporter Acknowledgement, you may need to reset your password in order to synchronize it across the CCC network. To reset your password visit If resetting your password does not resolve your login issue, contact the CCC Help Desk at (312) 553-2600 or send an email to