Health Science Program Selective Admissions Application


You must be a City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) student to apply for a Health Science Program Selective Admissions Application. If you are not a current CCC student, you will need to apply now before continuing.

Before you begin:

Upon reviewing your program's webpage, you now understand the qualifications for applying. Only submit this online application form once all of the following events that apply to your program's application process are completed:

  • Earned a grade of "C" or above at City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) or other accredited college for all prerequisite courses required for your specific program.
    • Visit Transferology to determine if your courses completed from colleges outside of CCC are equivalent to CCC program's prerequisite courses.
  • Completed the English and Math placement test within the last year or have submitted official ACT or SAT scores to MXC Office of Registrar Services.
    • CCC placement test can be found on your student portal at
    • ACT or SAT tests must have been completed within the last 4 years to be valid.
    • Some programs only require placement scores if you have not completed college-level English and/or Math courses at CCC or another accredited college.
  • Submitted official transcripts from all colleges attended outside of CCC to the MXC Office of Registrar Services.
    • Visit this webpage for steps to submit official transcripts.
    • You must submit official transcript to MXC Office of Registrar Services for processing even if you have submitted official transcripts to another CCC location. Only official college transcripts from accredited colleges will be used to determine your qualifications to the specific MXC Health Science program.
    • Unofficial transcripts will not be permitted during this part of the application/admissions process.
  • Submitted proof of graduation in the form of an official high school or GED transcripts to MXC Office of Registrar Services prior to applying if required by the program.
    • Visit this webpage for the steps to submit official transcripts (note: the steps are the same for submitting a high school or GED transcript).
  • Confirmed that your CCC student account is free of any service indicators (holds) that would prevent you from registering for classes in a future semester or acceptance to the program you are applying.
  • Viewed the Gainful Employment Disclosure within your student portal at
    • Applies to applicants of Basic and Advanced Certificate Programs only (this does not apply for applicants of AAS degree programs).
    • View the Job Aid for the steps to view the Gainful Employment Disclosure.

Apply for a Health Science Selective Program:

  • Once the above steps have been completed, enter your CCC username and password to access the application.
    • The Health Science Program Selective Admissions Application will appear.
    • Complete all required fields.
      • Asterisks and boldface indicate required fields.
  • Upon submission, your application will be sent to the Malcolm X College Health Science Admissions Department for review. You will receive a copy of your application by email. Please keep this for your records.
  • Once processed, you will be contacted by the admissions department.


Users With Login Issues: If you unable to access the Health Science Program Selective Admissions Application, please reset your password at

If resetting your password does not resolve your login issue, go to and complete a support ticket.