City Colleges of Chicago Employee Salary Compensation Report

This list is current as of April 7, 2020.

Salary data is updated quarterly throughout the year by the Office of Human Resources & Staff Development. If you have any questions regarding this salary compensation report, please contact Employee Services at

First NameLast NameJob TitleCompensation Rate
Naser Abas Lecturer-Vocational$30.00/hr
Laura Abbruzzese Lect-Credit Course III-Union$936.00/contact hr
Abuzanat Abdalla Security Officer (Pt)$20.25/hr
Aidah Abdallah Tutor - Part-time$17.51/hr
Gamaleldin Abdelrahim Comp Lab Assistant - Part-Time$18.99/hr
Yacob Abdi Adult Educator (AR)$33.67/hr
Marryam Abdl-Haleem Lecturer-Non-Union$831.00/contact hr
Emad Abdullah College Work Study Student$13.00/hr
Rashidah Abdullah Ft Faculty - 30 Hours$103482.28/yr
Anisa Abdulle College Work Study Student$13.00/hr
Nefertiti Abdulmalik College Clerical Asst I - PT$14.00/hr
Syed Abedi Manager, OnlineAcadTechnology$106407.24/yr
Kaife Abedin Ft Faculty - 30 Hours$85486.38/yr
Klevor Abo Lect-Credit Course III-Union$1021.00/contact hr
Maria Aboytes Adult Educator$40.13/hr
Charles Abrams Ft Faculty - 30 Hours$103378.29/yr
Eugene Abrams Janitor-Projects$20.22/hr
Rachelle Abrantes Tutor - Part-time$20.60/hr
Talha Abubakr Lect-Credit Course III-Union$959.00/contact hr
Alaa Abughoush Lecturer-Non-Union$705.00/contact hr
Asma Abusara Lecturer-Non-Union$705.00/contact hr
Tawfiq Abusara Lecturer-Non-Union$705.00/contact hr
Yousef Abushalbak College Work Study Student$13.00/hr
Marco Acevedo Security Officer (Pt)$20.25/hr
Kimberly Ackley Tutor - Part-time$20.60/hr
Alexandrea Acosta College Work Study Student$13.00/hr
Daniel Acosta College Clerical Asst I - PT$14.00/hr
Lorena Acosta College Clerical Asst II$40051.12/yr
David Adams College Lib Asst I -PT$14.00/hr
Michelle Adams Dean-Student Services$95606.88/yr
Sydney Adams Media Specialist$60868.77/yr
Vicky Adams Security Officer (Pt)$20.25/hr
Patricia Adams-Moore Tutor - Part-time$29.16/hr
Alyssa Adamson Lecturer-Non-Union$831.00/contact hr
Aminat Adebare College Work Study Student$13.00/hr
Kayode Adebayo Lecturer-Non-Union$705.00/contact hr
Omolola Adebisi College Work Study Student$13.00/hr
Omotola Adebisi College Work Study Student$13.00/hr
Calvin Adenekan Sr Network Support Analyst$93168.37/yr
Adeyemi Adesuyi Lect-Credit Course III-Union$1041.00/contact hr
Charles Adeyanju Lecturer-Non-Union$705.00/contact hr
Temesgen Adino Student Mentor$13.00/hr
Trudy Adoba Tutor - Part-time$20.60/hr
Barbara Aeberly College Clerical Asst I - PT$14.97/hr
Roger Affleck Tutor - Part-time$28.57/hr
Audrey Agbefe College Work Study Student$13.00/hr
Corona Agila College Advisor$63870.64/yr
Osita Agina Lect-Credit Course III-Union$938.00/contact hr
Johnny Agnew College Work Study Student$13.00/hr
Rachel Agtarap Note Taker - Part-Time$15.45/hr