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Academic Affairs selected AZTEC to replace NOVANET. Contact your College AZTEC Administrator for assistance.

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For Instructors: Learn About the Aztec Content Library


What is AZTEC Learning Software?
AZTEC is a web-based tutorial support software to supplement students learning. The AZTEC content library has lessons that range from remedial through secondary education. Students have the ability to practice lessons at their own pace and review lessons as needed.


Can instructors participate in building class content?
Yes. Instructors along with the assistance of the campus AZTEC Administrator can build courses using the existing AZTEC content modules. For more information, schedule a meeting with your campus AZTEC Administrator to discuss current lesson availability.


*Does AZTEC have lessons that help students decide about careers?
Yes.  AZTEC has a complete Occupational Foundational Series that gives students basic information about particular careers such as Nursing, Carpentry, and Computer Science.  For more information about careers click here.


*Can programs like Upward Bound and Talent Search use AZTEC?
Yes.  AZTEC has a basic skills index as well as test preparation for the college bound high school students.  


*Does AZTEC have ESL lessons?
Yes.  For a complete list of available ESL lessons click here.


What is the difference between Module, Group Modules, Curricula, and Lessons?

  • A Lesson is one lesson in a particular subject.
  • A Module is one set of related lessons.
  • Group Modules are a set of related modules.
  • Curricula are combination of Modules and Group Modules of related or unrelated subjects.


Can students repeat lessons?
Yes. Students can repeat the help lessons as often as needed. However, students can only take the PRETEST once.


Can instructors have access to AZTEC to monitor their students’ progress?
Yes. Instructors monitor their students’ progress by logging in to AZTEC and clicking Reporting. Reports can be generated at the instructors’ request.


*Where do instructors go if they need help with accessing AZTEC?
Please call your campus AZTEC Administrator.


Can users access AZTEC at home?
Yes.  AZTEC is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

*What are the technical requirements for using AZTEC?
The preferred web browser is Internet Explorer 7/8.


*Can AZTEC be accessed using dial-up service?


Are there any downloading requirements for using AZTEC?
No. AZTEC is web-based software and does not require additional software other than a web browser.


How to enable pop-up windows in Internet Explorer browser?

  • Select the Tools menu in Internet Explorer 7/8
  • Select Pop-up Blocker
  • Select Pop-up Blocker Settings
  • Type in the "Address of Web site" to allow text box
  • Click Add
  • Click Close